Media Kit & Guidelines

Proper uses of the Buy Local Bash brand mark and colors for vendor signage

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The Buy Local Bash provides vendors the use of the Buy Local Bash brandmark and color palette for a variety of promotional assistance as the event approaches. Below are best-case uses for the Stacked logo, the Primary logo, and the preferred colors to use with the Buy Local Bash assets.

Primary Logo, 2-Color

Buy Local Bash Logo 2 color

Primary Logo, 1-Color

Buy Local Bash Logo 1 color

Primary Logo, White

Buy Local Bash Logo White color

The Primary logos are the preferred logos for Vendors to use with their promotional materials for the bash on social media and digital displays. Please refrain from changing the colors of the logos outside of the approved brand palette, distorting or skewing the logos, or applying the logos to a background with low contrast. Examples of applications to avoid are shown below:

Nope – the logo is distorted.

Don't distort the logo

Nope – Colors aren’t approved!

Don't change the colors of the logo

Nope – not enough contrast!

Don't use the logo on low contrast imagery

In addition to using the proper logo type and coloring, please be considerate of the free space surrounding the logo. Our suggestion is placing the logo no closer to another dominant object or partner logo than the size of the first “B” in the Buy Local Bash Primary logo. A guide for this is shown below.
Primary Logo spacing guide

Proper spacing applied – approved!

Approved Spacing

Way too close – try again!

Spacing not approved

That should cover the basics of using the Buy Local Bash brand assets in your promotional materials. If you have any questions or comments about the usage, please contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

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